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CellForce Air Intake System

CellForce Air Intake System

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The mechanism of the CellForce Air intake system involves placing a chamber (cell) between the air cleaner and the throttle body. During acceleration, the air inside the chamber (cell) is also drawn in, reducing resistance passing through the air cleaner, minimizing pumping losses, and increasing volumetric efficiency to achieve torque enhancement.

Before turning it into a product, numerous tests are conducted to pursue the optimal capacity. Based on previous experiences, efficient cell capacities for different engine displacements have been identified. Therefore, several prototypes were created, and power checks were performed to develop the CellForce Air Intake System.

An essential aspect of this system is the inclusion of a baffle plate within the air cleaner box, along with the chamber volume. This increases airflow velocity and accelerates air filling into the chamber.

While Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ come with integrated intake chambers, allowing for the replacement with larger ones, for Mazda Miata, which lacks a stock intake chamber, modifications are necessary to incorporate chamber functionality.

While there's an option to replace the intake pipe connecting the air cleaner and throttle body with a suction pipe for tuning the intake system, this system uniquely expands the intake chamber (Cell) by utilizing the blow-by gas intake port on the stock intake pipe.

Adding this CellForce Air Intake System to the air intake section will make your Miata run more smoothly and enjoyably, enhancing its agility.

Introducing the CellForce Air Intake System, an innovative solution revolutionizing PE engine tuning for the ND Miata. Experience a remarkable increase in horsepower by over 6 PS and torque by up to 1.6 kgf.m upon installation. Enjoy enhanced agility during everyday driving, courtesy of the heightened torque, while experiencing sharper engine response for spirited sports driving or track performance. Worried about smog inspections? Fear not, as switching back to the stock intake system takes just 3 minutes. Crafted with precision in Japan, this trusted component assures reliability and performance. I wholeheartedly recommend the CellForce Air Intake System to all ND owners seeking unparalleled driving exhilaration.

Be one of the first to experience the enhanced performance of your ND Miata with the revolutionary CellForce Air Intake System, now available at an exclusive special price! Don't miss this limited-time (24 hours)opportunity to enjoy unmatched power and agility. Secure your set today and drive ahead with confidence.

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