The Ken Auto original rubber key chain NA close


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How to buy for overseas customers
Ken Auto design key chain character for the Mazda NA MX-5, Miata, and Roadster. I design the key chain with the amount of stereotypical key chain with an over the fender. Because the Mazda NA MX-5 keychain is made from rubber, you dont have to worry about the rubber being damaged with your keys. I design the Mazda NA MX-5, Miata, Roadster, key chain very stylish as your own car, with the interior made fashionable as the room of your car.
You will get an additional key ring with your key chain, which is the wire plus is the dial type.
I have designed three kinds of Mazda NA MX-5, Miata, Roadster, key chain, which one is your preference?

Note: When you make making your purchase, please state the model Mazda NA MX-5, Miata, Roadster, Key chains you want in your memo order to Ken Auto Japan.