Ken Auto original coating shampoo


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The Ken Auto original coating Shampoo is a revolutionary car shampoo, please follow this simple method on how to use the Coating Shampoo. First sprinkles water on the car body, then you spray the Coating Shampoo on a sponge several times, use the sponge to wipe the car all over. Please repeat the wiping until all the water is removed from the car, please put a thick coating of the shampoo as this is the solvent coating effect to ensure that the body does not contain any dirt particles.

Finally, use a moist towel to wipe the car. Gloss and reflection and views of the body, varies quite a sense of touch of the body. The one bolt can be used to clean 10-12 cars, the car shampoo is a coating water repellent type, you dont have to worry about water drops, and the shampoo is the repellent type. You can use the shampoo on the lights, windshield, bumpers, and the glass portion of the car, there is no problem using the shampoo on the entire body of the car.

When you use the Ken Auto Shampoo on your favorite car it will be protected from the elements of nature.

Ken Auto original coating shampoo is made in Japan, its very reliable and is widely used by Mazda owners.