Clean Well Cleaner


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The Ken Auto cleaner is made with alkaline, you can use it to clean your wheels, tire, and your engine room the cleaner can remove all the oil residue. When you spray the Clean Well Cleaner on the wheel, you will see the chemical reaction, the dirt on the wheel will become purple. There is no smell or bad smell of the cleaner, after you have applied the spray use a spongy to ruby the area that you have applied the spray, or you can use a brush instead.

When the dirt is really hard to remove, after you have used the brush or sponge, use some water and wash again with a sponge or a brush. It is safe to be used in your kitchen or bathroom, I am not exaggerating, but Clean Well leaner can be used to remove the toughest stains that there is. The Clean Well Cleaner is made from the best cleaning components that has been tested over and over for the best result.