The Sphere Bulb for NA and NB type one LED Light H 4 High and Low beam for Mazda Miata and MX-5


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Ken Auto has taken the light distribution design base on the specifications of the halogen bulb, and we have adopted the XM-L2 from the CREE Company in the state of the art technology. The bulb is designed to keep the lumen low and we have achieved this high Candela. We try the car at the car inspection and pass the inspection test without no problem.

In the case of the NA, we attached the controller to the cover of the inside of the retries side or you can attach it to the engine room side.
The biggest characteristic of the LED light is that it is doing all of the heating in the heat sink, and for the valve of the design, the LED light does not use the fan cooling mechanism, I avoid the structure that you are using a complex cooling fan and thought that to take advantage for a longer usage life of the bulb, which is one of the main feature of the LED bulb. It is as simple as possible of the operation part, the point of reducing the parts to be exhausted, the durability of this product is it has become an important element for keeping the life span of the bulb.

The LED light, electricity consumes as low as 20W, so the startup voltage is around 7V, it is possible to attach without any compatibility problems even in the Roadster.
The LED have 30000 hours of life expectance and you get a two year warranty, the LED is made in Japan with the highest stander.