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Ken Auto Mazda MX-5 traction booster parts will draw maximum traction performance from the foot circumference of the present rear.
Ken Auto developed these parts to earn traction efficiently while minimizing the posture change from a change to align, to cause bends of Bush when power hung over the vertical grip and direction of a necessary tire when the Mazda MX-5 was going to advance.
Although the NA and NB Mazda MX-5 Roadster has lapses of time of more than a quarter of a century from the basic design, including the damper spring with its historical background, Bush and other peripheral parts in the evolution and various measures, it has pulled out the rear of the foot around performance.
Ken Auto has paid great attention to the rear knuckle parts foot circumference of the traction booster. I have largely enhanced the evolved performance and the grip power of the tire with this Roadster again for the time that’s elapsed. It’s a fact that parts be able to never catch up with the performance of the tire outcome.
Because the shape of the rear knuckle serves as the drive system, it becomes the shape that is more complicated than front knuckle. For the strong input from a tire with the shape, a modern, powerful grip power, it may be said that I come to lack capacity cost to take it.

With the parts which have an effect of keeping strength of the knuckle of the front desk is just, what even knuckle support of knee Rex is demonstrated, but are effective at all its grip (input) the greater the difference if the larger will have been evident. However, it is not only motor sports scene, it is inevitable in terms of running a general road, it is also clear that is effective even for input from the gap of the joints and the road surface of the bridge. With respect to the input from such a road, in the order of the engagement of force of foot around component parts that begin with the order of the tire wheel knuckle, by keeping the strength of the part closer to the beginning, Ken Auto automatic traction booster was thought to be effective and possible to increase the current overall drivability.
Vibration and the gap of 1mm from the parts on the edge may lay 1m and 2m, a gap and a sense of fear of the sense is longer feel in the case of the non-daily speed in circuits again for a driver holding and steering. Parts assisting for it "are traction boosters" to control those useless movements, and to get provided comfortable rear traction from the double wishbone shape of the roadster with security.
To assist in the escape of force from the complex shape of the rear knuckle, also, to suppress the movement the Bush and rigidity of the upper-rear arm, the results, while minimizing the alignment change, the best traction that it has purpose to obtain. The steel materials that is used having examined the strength with knuckle and arms. In addition, I use the circle round pipe which can support the input from various directions uniformly. And I use a pillow ball, but choose the type of refueling type that’s maintenance-free.

※The commodity price contains a cushioning material fee and packing fee.