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While maintaining a high strength, it is the wheel lug nut, which is the best for sports run and the circuit run. When you are driving your MX-5 NA, NB, NC, and ND. You realized the micro miniature super lightweight (25g) while keeping high strength.
It becomes the weight of 1/3 in comparison with a conventional wheel lug nuts (60g) and improves reduction of the un-sprung weight on the sports driving and contributes to the exercise performance. Furthermore, it is the reliable material, the wheel lug nuts life is strength while using high quality chrome vanadium steel of the toughest materials which can tolerate the use of the circuit race that works, the wheel lug nut is accompanied by repeated testing, and being micro miniature.

7 square HEPTA-GON WHEEL LUGNUT shape, is a 3 meter wheel lug nut, which includes security effect, lightweight, strength, peace of mind and Relief when you are driving your MX-5 NA, NB, NC, and ND.

※The commodity price contains a cushioning material fee and packing fee.