MX-5 NC Antenna Very Short


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MX-5 NC genuine antenna, it is interchangeable very short antenna directly at Pong with. The length of the antenna is about 10cm; it has become a very short, it makes even be compared with the ballpoint pen.
However, the receiving sensitivity of the radio while short is a high sensitivity to the MX-5 genuine antenna. We've conducted unique test, even if not a genuine antenna and is even equal to or greater than, the ability to cover up almost close to the MX-5 genuine antenna. It is the precision in the antenna rod coil that kept high sensitivity for being wounded spirally (helically).

It is the MX-5 NC that the deterioration of the genuine antenna is seen in.
For the makeover, rather famous, accentuate, how about it?

※The commodity price contains a cushioning material fee and packing fee.