MX-5 NC Harmonic Adjustable Performance Stage Coil Springs +Shocks


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Base on the zero 3 Cusco model competition, Ken Auto specialize in making the Harmonic adjustable stage drive for many years. The spring is manufactured by Haipakio, in order to maintain the durability, we adhere to the best damper and choice of spring as a base for the durability and tuning of the shocks. I was particular about the choice of a damper and the spring which became the base to keep the durability. It is the movement that is linear to a damper made by Cusco with a response that’s good for parts supply, and is stable with the combination of (Haipako supuringu) indicating for greater reaction.
There are many aspects of the conic coil spring shape, but, as for most car high pitch kits released for MX-5 NC use, the rear adopts the upper mount which can be used as direct winding springs. The yearly MX-5 Roadster cup for Roadster held in the sports runs, in sports land SUGO and Fuji Speedway I make participation in the race meet and the Harmonic adjustable spring model that cut down setting in the place where extremely prefund in the using of the springs. As a result, it is a series champion and the model which achieved course-record in the Japan Tohoku & Fuji series.
30 steps of decrement are adjustable-type one and can support various courses and tires, depends on the situation on the race field and a driving level. I investigated ride comfort and the durability and contradicting sports performance and balanced them. From communicating with drivers, touring, the sports run with the S tire, in addition the correspondence of the version up is still possible because I can cope with specifications change and O/H, consultation of other setting finely! Setting of the bases is Fr13.4K, setting of Rr7.1K, but, please let us know which one you prefer because you can choose it among a spring rate to 5.4K - 17.9K depending on use.

It will take 10 days or two weeks to deliver to your destination. This MX-5 NC Harmonic Adjustable Performance Stage Coil Springs +Shocks is built to order.

※The price includes 200 yen as packing and cushioning material price (about $ 2).