MX-5 NA and NB Harmonic Adjustable Performance Coil Springs +Shocks


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Ken auto spring product made by HYPERCO springs coil.

I was particular about the choice of a damper and the spring which became the base to keep the durability. It is a combination of competition model of Cusco with much capacity and linear movement and HYPERCO springs coil indicating the reaction.

The pattern that was a competition model tuned up even in general courses of the of normal road drive intention including, gas pressure to keep a level not to spoil flexibility.
I request a back for the development of products while repeating a run test. One that was not interested in sports run in the general way to take ride comfort seriously while gathering an opinion.

Checkmated setting in the Japan Sendai highland race way that was a test course of 35GT-R and, in the sports, run, said, but I crossed performance HYPERCO springs, coil and pushed forward the amount of care and setting of the decrement in ZERO 3 and at first started base data.
As a result, I succeeded in planning the time-up of two seconds from a base model of Cusco in Sendai Highland. This time-up is dramatic by a wonderful skill of the setting.

30 steps of decrement are adjustable-type one and can support various courses and tires, with any situation, a field and a driving level. I investigated ride comfort and the durability and contradicting sports performance and balanced them. From commuting drive, touring, the sports run with the S tire, it is the foot circumference with the depth of the breast not to choose from a driving level to use.

In addition, the correspondence of the version up is still possible because I can cope with specifications change and O/H, consultation of other setting finely!

The commodity price contains a cushioning material fee and packing fee.