MX-5 NA LED light Rear End Number Plate


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MX-5 NA LED light rear end number plate is used for your roadster number plate lighting. The number plate light on the rear of MX-5 NA is adjacent to the number plate. When you garnish the hollow part of the number plate to the rear of your roadster, after installation the MX-5 NA LED light will light up your number plate.
Your number lights are illuminating the license plate through the clear lens number lights are illuminating the license plate through the clear lens. However, even overlapping factors such as dirt and dullness due to aging, does not deny the visibility, feeling if your number plate is getting old.
It will increase an accent for the illumination of the rear circumference of old MX-5 NA which have been old-fashioned.
As for the number MX-5 plate light, the head of the electric bulb faces from the trunk room in the rear. When attaching the electric bulb-shaped LED light, you will have a total different illumination of the trunk room area.
As you know the characteristic of an LED ball having high directivity, method the attach head towards a backward direction; LED light although known for it’s illumination-colored, with the LED light to become the image, it would be too dark for the effect of the exchange of the LED light is reduced to half unfortunately.
So, Ken Auto MX-5 NA LED light rear end number plate, considering the positional relationship between the light bulb and license plate, we’ve manufactured the lighting angle at the design that best illuminate-colored right beside!
Considering the nature of LED light, we have incorporated the design with another twist. We incorporated a simple mounting designed so that you never have to worry about the polarity of the LED lighting.
The polarity of the number plate light of MX-5 NA, a plus and the negative wiring are inconsistent with an individual with conventional experience.
Therefore, even embodiment and DIY work were simple and did a diode for polar inversion in the structure that could turn on wearing when I turned on in the same way as a common electric bulb if I put it on! Both the effectiveness about the work and the safety become a lot more comfortable when you are installing it.
This item will be sold in a set of two.
※when you purchase the MX-5 NA LED light rear end number plate you will get one year guarantee from the day of purchase.

※The commodity price contains a cushioning material fee and packing fee.