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How to buy for overseas customers
I receive the consultation that you cannot improve about the foot circumference and body rigidity from most owners more. When I want to sense the improvement, bodily clearly about the foot circumference, I recommend the exchange of a damper and the spring.
In addition, I recommend the reinforcement parts which I did include a roll bar if I want to give the rigidity of the body.
However, "I do not want to destroy the original" by "a method not to do to their"; when they say," I cannot do anything about the foot including a body generally" again, I recommend this Mazda MX-5 RIJIKARA (BODY WASHER RIGIDITY) About the basic platform of NA/NB, it becomes the design of more than 20 years ago, but, as for the body of the roadster, an innovative body design is done so as that the design is developed as "an exclusive opening body" not "a rough cut version of the closed body" and adopts the body structure that most of the opening sports car of the late departure closely resembled.
However, I enter into the body and the member whom arms are attached to secondarily and temporarily, when a roadster takes the power input by a foot rotation. Vibration and the noise caused by the body and time lag, which is delicate between the members in this way occur when the whole body dodges input.
It is the Mazda MX-5 RIJIKARA (BODY WASHER RIGIDITY) that suppress this deviation.
I bury the gap of the bolt to hold between the body, members and the aluminum, which is materials of Mazda MX-5 RIJIKARA (BODY WASHER RIGIDITY) is not destroyed among the body and members, it is with a washer effect and gives the body and the movement of the member a sense of unity. When I come to be able to take on a feeling of strokes of the damper more than before, and this effect becomes easy to get the movement of the car and reduces ride comfort and the vibration in the gaps of the joint of the road surface, I contribute to a comfortable run.
In sports cars, people want to determine the setting of the car on another notch, also, general road up to people who want to run in comfort, is tuning parts that can be widely recommended!

※The commodity price contains a cushioning material fee and packing fee.