MX-5 NB Rear frame end bar (DOSUKOI)


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By injecting the know-how of Motorsports, we will strengthen the rear body rigidity of the Mazda, Miata, Roadste, MX-5 NB! It is possible to suppress the twisting and distortion of the MX-5 body, the effect excellent to regain the original performance of the accurate motion suspension. This was dispersed with high strength, body reinforcement, input from the recent high-grip tires, also suppresses twist of the Mazda, Miata, Roadste, MX-5 NB body due to aging, and optimization change to align with minimization.
I can expect that I get restraint of the torsion of the body and stable traction performance by the adoption of the high-stiffness aluminum pipe of the rib addition to an Oval cross-section plus the R part and the synergy of the four places of the body’s stopper. In our original test, at Sendai highland race way, the test data of the up appears on NA8C is normal in the 185Cup specification car equivalence vehicle comparison test for 1.2 seconds at wearing, too.

Originally it is Mazda, Miata, Roadste, MX-5 NB having higher body rigidity than MX-5 NA, but takes pride in the rigid up feeling of the rear after installing it you will feel the performance up, and being able to tell the difference with your car. Bolts & nuts are included with the Mazda, Miata, Roadste, MX-5 NB Rear frame end bar NB. Strong body and rear frame end bar traction performance is obtained. We provide Bolts & nuts for the NB Rear frame end bar.
It is Mazda, Miata, Roadste, MX-5 NB Rear frame end bar (DOSUKOI) where powerful body and traction performance are provided.

※The commodity price contains a cushioning material fee and packing fee.