Roadster Radiator Cap for NA

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Ken Auto Japan has made Radiator Cap silhouette design exclusively for the Mazda Roadster NA, NB, NC and ND. Each model has its distinguish look for each generation of the Mazda Roadster, the radiator cap was designed with each owner of the Mazda Roadster in mine.
The radiator cap is a consumable item, but what is the consciousness of each owner?
· Sports driving and winding travelers
· People who have the opportunity to run many congested roads
· One who is using high-performance coolant
· Those who have never replaced radiator caps

There are various works in radiator cap.
First of all it works to cool the water. By cooling path, we increase the cooling water pressure and increase the cooling capacity.
I think whether you have heard that water boils at 100 degrees Celsius or less on the high mountain, but this is because atmospheric pressure is low.
If, on the contrary, pressure is high, the boiling point rises, and It is the reason that does not boil even if the water is beyond 100 degrees Celsius.
It acts as a hermetically sealed space, increases the pressure of the coolant, and as a result boiling point increases to prevent the engine from overheating difficult.
Also, if the internal pressure of the Radiator rises too much, a burden will be placed on the hose and the heater core of the cooling system. I also have work at such times.
When the pressure in the cooling system becomes higher than specified, the pressurizing valve in the cap opens and sends extra cooling water to the reservoir tank until it reaches the specified pressure.
Of the watch whom the pressure in the cooling system does not in this way become than designated pressure work. In addition, there is adversely different work again when the cooling system gets cold, and pressure falls.
The negative pressure valve in the radiator cap opens, taking in the cooling water from the reservoir tank into the cooling system and keeping the pressure inside the radiator constant.

This is why the amount of coolant in the reservoir tank varies with temperature. In this way we have many radiators caps.
Radiator cap that keeps warm and cools down the engine several times and quietly performing various tasks.
The owner who keeps the cap intact even when changing the coolant is not unusual.
Ken Auto at least, recommend to exchange coolant and radiator cap every two years (for every vehicle inspection).
For those who have a lot of opportunities to travel in sports, winding, or congested roads, it is better to exchange more frequently?
In circuit running and sports driving, I think that many people are using high-performance coolant with high heat absorption rate.
Radiator cap of the Ken auto is recommended in such one.
There is a thing using silicon to a high efficiency cap, but the rubber Radiator cap is superior in the affinity with the high efficiency courant.
Since there is an assortment of each model two colors, please choose your favorite color.