MX-5 NA rear frame end bar (DOSUKOI)


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The new remake Dosukoi in collaboration with Ken Auto and I. L. Motorsport from Germany have reduced the previous weight from 570g to 420g. The Dosukoi was manufactured in Germany. Ken Auto and I. L. Motorsport have put together, there know about the Mazda Miata, and have made the Dosukoi together to reinforce the rear body rigidity of the Roadster. I control torsion and the distortion of the Mazda, Miata, Roadster, MX-5 NA, and the effeteness is to regain suspension original accurate movement is distinguished.

This distributes the high-intensity stress by the body reinforcement, input or from the recent years of high-grip tires, also suppress twist of the body due to aging, to optimize together minimize alignment changes. Oval cross-sectional shape plus adoption of rib additional high rigidity aluminum pipe of the R parts and, in the synergistic effect of stopping places body, and the suppression of the twisting of the body, you can expect to obtain a stable traction performance.

Our own test, in the Sendai Highland Raceway, in the normal 185 Cup specification car the same vehicle comparison test, we also test data when mounted and we got 1.2 seconds up. It is a Mazda, Miata, Roadster, MX-5 NA, rear frame end bar (DOSUKOI) where powerful body and traction performance are provided.

※The commodity price contains a cushioning material fee and packing fee.